About Us

We are the Keefe Family. We are first, a Christian family, we homeschool, raise and grow our own food, and are enjoying life together on our 10-acre farm the Florida Panhandle.

We’re learning as we go and loving every moment.

Our Family

I’m Kelly, married to Dennis. Dennis married me when I was 17 and I made him promise to God and Daddy he’d keep me. We’re 22 years strong and we still like eachother. Love is a commandment, ya know, so liking a fella after 22 years of marriage is a win.

Our greatest accomplishment is our 5 children. They range in age from 22 – 12 and are all hard-workers along side us.

Our Farm

It all started as a dream. I (Kelly) lived my childhood, through books and television, pretending to be Laura Ingalls, ride the wild, Flicka, and wish upon wishes for my own pony. I whined a tune my Daddy still teases me about, “I want a hoOorse”, and now, 35+ years later, I am building my dream in real life.

Glory Shine Farm is our home. We have surrounded ourselves with all the things we love! Ponies, cows, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, rabbits… and even a wonky, emu who loves us.

October 10, 2018, Hurricane Michael threatened to take all we love, away. As a category 5 hurricane, it did destroy much of our hard work and caused us to reevaluate things. We made the ultimate decision to come back bigger and better than ever!

Glory Shine?Why the name?


As we stated, we are first Christians. We believe in God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. When sin entered the world and we became separated from our Creator, He already a buy back plan in place. Keep reading below!


Still doesn’t explain the name?

 I’ll get to that part. Let me continue from above. God loves us so much, He sent His only son, Jesus, to die in our place to pay the debt of sin we owed and reconnect us, thru Jesus, to Himself. Before all that, He spent 6 days creating everything we would need to be sustained. He gave man stewardship over all… We know Adam and Eve blew it for us, but Jesus.

We used to call ourselves, Keefe Family Farm. That is fitting since we are. But, my kids plan to marry and the the oldest daughter feels like she’ll be the one to take the reins and she is not keeping her maiden name…. We tried to explain. It was much easier to change the name. I had been reading my bible and realized one of my favorite things is watching the sun rays through my window at sunrise and awakening everything. Did you know this verse…. “Be exalted, O God, above the heavens. May your glory shine over all the Earth” is in the bible 3 times in 3 different books? I knew it! The sight I love is GLORY SHINE. I called a family meeting and it was agreed upon immediately.